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Climate and Geographical Location

Davao City enjoys a mild tropical climate. Compared with other parts of the Philippines in which there is a district hot and wet season. It enjoys the privilege of a climate where the days are always sunshiny and mild followed by nights of rain. The city is outside the typhoon belt and lacks major seasonal variations. The predominant wind direction is northward from the Davao Gulf where the cooler air of the sea replaces the warm air mass over the city. A surrounding mountain chains protect the city effectively from strong winds.

Geographical Location

Davao City is located in the southeastern part of Mindanao, lying in the grid squares of 6 58′ to 7 34′ N latitude, and 125 14′ to 125 40′ E longitude . It is bounded on the north by Davao Province; on the east partly by Davao Province and Davao Gulf; on the south by Davao del Sur; and on the west by North Cotabato. Davao City Proper is approximately 946 aerial kilometers or 588 statute miles, southeast of Manila. Because of its strategic location, Davao City was developed as a regional trade center for Southern Mindanao; international trade center to the Southern Pacific; and Southern Gateway more particularly to and from the neighboring countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Australia, among others.